Combinatorics Seminar Series

Topics including graphs and hypergraphs, algebraic graph theory, finite geometries, random processes, extremal or Ramsey theory, applications of combinatorics, combinatorial geometry, partial orders, design theory, combinatorial matrix theory, additive combinatorics.

Talks can be surveys, works in progress, introductions to an area, or recent results. All are welcome to attend and to volunteer talks. Talks should be aimed at a wide audience of combinatorialists and should be understandable to graduate students.

Organizers: David Gunderson, Karen Gunderson.

Upcoming Seminar

Ranganathan Padmanabhan (Department of Mathematics, University of Manitoba)

Friday, May 24 at 15:30

418 Machray Hall

Fields Satisfying 1+1=11 and 2+2=22

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Archived Seminars

2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015.


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