Colloquium in 2018

Thursday, November 1
Abdolrahman Razani (Department of Pure Mathematics, Imam Khomeini International University): An Existence Result For The Extended Madja's Model
Friday, October 26
Toka Diagana (Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Alabama in Huntsville): Existence Results For Some Classes Of Integrodifferential Equations Of Gurtin-Pipkin Type
Friday, July 27
Hanno Lefmann (Department of Computer Science, Chemnitz University of Technology): The Regularity Lemma and Some Of Its Applications
Friday, April 27
John Urschel (Department of Mathematics, MIT): Learning Determinantal Point Processes With Moments and Cycles
Friday, April 6
Jan Vonk (Department of Mathematics, McGill University): Hilbert's 12th Problem, Geometry and Number Theory
Thursday, March 29
James Watmough (University of New Brunswick): Dispersal Heterogeneity and The Spreading Speeds Of Marine Invasions
Friday, March 23
Hadrien Montanelli (Fu Foundation School of Engineering, Columbia University): Pattern Formation On The Sphere
Friday, February 9
Tin-Yau Tam (Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Auburn University): Matrix Inequalities and Their Extensions To Lie Groups
Friday, February 2
Terry Soo (Department of Mathematics, University of Kansas): Isomorphisms In Probability and Ergodic Theory
Thursday, February 1
Steven Rayan (Department of Mathematics, University of Saskatchewan): Asymptotic Geometry Of Hyperpolygons
Friday, January 12
Seth Wolbert (Department of Mathematics, St. Louis University): Representations Up To Homotopy, Weak Groupoid Actions, and VB-Groupoids
Thursday, January 11
Raghib Abu-Saris (King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences): On Global Asymptotic Periodicity of Discrete Population Models