Colloquium in 2016

Friday, November 4
Martin Buhmann (Department of Mathematics, Justus-Liebig University Giessen): Interpolation and Quasi-Interpolation with Multiquadrics Radial Functions
Thursday, October 27
Jose Ramon Madrid Padilla (Mathematics and system analysis, Aalto University): On the regularity of classical and fractional maximal operators
Monday, October 24
Tom Baird (Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Memorial University): Topological aspects of GIT over the real and complex numbers
Friday, October 21
Asha Rao (School of Mathematical and Geospatial Sciences , RMIT University): Tracking Money Laundering -- the Enron case
Friday, October 7
Jared Aurentz (Department of Mathematics, ICMAT Madrid): Core-chasing algorithms for the eigenvalue problem
Thursday, August 4
Alexey Eremin (Department of Mathematics, Saint Petersburg State University): Functional Continuous Runge-Kutta methods for Retarded Functional Differential Equations
Friday, July 8
Ashish Gupta (Department of Mathematics, IISER Bhopal): Growth of Algebraic Structures
Friday, April 1
Jiun-Chau Wang (Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Saskatchewan): Noncommutative probability and Boole's transformation
Friday, March 11
Sarah Plosker (Mathematics & Computer Science, Brandon University): Some matrix theory questions arising from quantum coherence
Friday, March 4
Craig Westerland (Department of Mathematics, University of Minnesota): Arithmetic statistics via algebraic topology
Wednesday, March 2
Richard Brualdi (Department of Mathematics, University of Wisconsin-Madison): Permutations, Tournaments, X-rays, and Skolem Sequences