Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminar Series in 2009

Tuesday, November 24
Joe LoVetri (Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Manitoba): Mathematical Formulations and Solution Techniques For The Electromagnetic Inverse Problem Associated with Microwave Tomography
Tuesday, November 17
Sherif Sherif (Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Manitoba): Statistical Image Extraction In Optical Coherence Tomography
Tuesday, November 3
Chris Bowman (Department of Mathematics, National Research Council Institute for Biodiagnostics, Winnipeg and Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Manitoba): Evaluation of Vaccination Strategies During Pandemic Outbreaks
Tuesday, October 27
Katherine Davies (Statistics, University of Manitoba): A Two-Dimensional Renewal Process With Applications To Forest Fire Modelling
Tuesday, October 20
Murray Alexander (NRC-IBD, Dept. of Physics, Univ. of Winnipeg, University of Manitoba): A Model For The Mechanism of T Cell Expansion and Contraction Leading To T Cell Memory
Tuesday, September 22
Chengjun Sun (Mathematics, University of Manitoba): Global Results For An SIRS Model With Vaccination and Isolation
Tuesday, May 5
Stephanie Portet (Mathematics, University of Manitoba): Modeling Of The Intermediate Filament Assembly
Tuesday, April 28
Chris Bowman (Department of Mathematics, NRC IBD): Optimal Control For An Influenza Pandemic
Tuesday, April 14
Robert Craigen (Mathematics, University of Manitoba): Thoughts About Weighing Matrices and Weighing Problems, Circulant Matrices and Eigenvalues
Tuesday, March 24
Melody Ghahramani (Mathematics and Statistics, University of Winnipeg): On Combining Estimating Functions For Some Volatility Models
Tuesday, March 17
P. N. Shivakumar (Mathematics, University of Manitoba): The Shape of a Drum, a Constructive Approach
Tuesday, March 10
Julien Arino (Department of Mathematics, University of Manitoba): The Global Air Transportation Network - Some Notions Of Applied Graph Theory