Asha Rao

(School of Mathematical and Geospatial Sciences , RMIT University)

Tracking Money Laundering -- The Enron Case

Date Friday, October 21, 2016

Retrieving criminal ties and mining evidence from an organised crime incident, for example money laundering, is a difficult task. Often different groups of people are involved and their complex relationships make it very hard to find good evidence. The actions of money launderers means that the search for evidence takes place within enormous amounts of raw data and extracting and representing criminal associations in an explicit manner is tedious and time consuming.

Starting with a brief introduction to money laundering and its policing, and how a mathematician got involved in this topic, this talk will describe one way of tracking money laundering, using complex network theory. Since it is impossible to get hold of real data, this research focused on the publicly available Enron email data set.

This research is joint work with a number of people. In particular a large part of it is the PhD work of my student Pritheega Magalingam and has been published in one conference and one journal paper, while a second journal paper is under review.