Derek Krepski

(Department of Mathematics, University of Manitoba)

Global Quotients Among Symplectic Toric Orbifolds

Date Friday, February 28, 2014

An orbifold is a generalization of a (smooth) manifold that allows for mild singularities. Locally, orbifolds are orbit spaces of finite group actions on Euclidean space, where the finite group is allowed to vary from point to point. For example, if a finite group G acts smoothly (and effectively) on a smooth manifold M, the orbit space M/G is naturally an orbifold---orbifolds arising in this way are known as (effective) global quotients. However, not all orbifolds are global quotients.

This talk will introduce orbifolds (mostly by way of example) and present a modest result which characterizes global quotients among a certain class of orbifolds called symplectic toric orbifolds, orbifolds that are classified by combinatorial data (namely, a convex polytope with integer labels on each facet).