Seminars in 2008

Tuesday, December 2
Alex Leblanc (Statistics, University of Manitoba): Asymptotic Deficiency and Inadmissibility of Empirical Distribution Functions
Tuesday, November 18
Brad. C. Johnson (Statistics, University of Manitoba): On The Number Of i.i.d. Samples Required To Observe All Of The Balls In An Urn
Tuesday, October 21
Darren Gillis (Biology, University of Manitoba): Information In Fisheries Data: Insights Into Decisions On The Water
Tuesday, October 7
Benqui Guo (Mathematics, University of Manitoba): Approximation Theory In The Framework Of Jacobi-Weighted Besov and Sobolev Spaces and Application To The P and H-P Finite Element Methods
Monday, October 6
Fereidoun Ghahramani (Department of Mathematics, University of Manitoba): Bounded Approximate Amenability Of The Second Dual Of The Fourier Algebra
Wednesday, April 23
Beni Sahai (Department of Mathematics, Cadham Provincial Laboratory): Pathway To T Cell Memory
Friday, March 28
Eric Schippers (Department of Mathematics, University of Manitoba): Operator Representations Of Families Of One-To-One Holomorphic Maps
Tuesday, March 25
Maciej Borkowski (Electrical Engineering, University of Manitoba): Discrete Time and Space Scheduled Walkers For Epidemic Modeling
Tuesday, March 18
Stephanie Portet (Mathematics, University of Manitoba): Dynamics Of The Intermediate Filament Assembly
Tuesday, March 11
Dominic Schaub (Electrical Engineering, University of Manitoba): Dispersion Diagram Calculations For Photonic Crystals
Friday, February 29
Eric Schippers (Department of Mathematics, University of Manitoba): The Universal Teichmueller Space, Quasiconformal Maps and Univalent Functions
Thursday, February 28
Barbara Lee Keyfitz (Director of the Fields Institute, University of Houston): Hyperbolic Conservation Laws: The Next Generation
Tuesday, February 26
Frank Hilker (Centre for Mathematical Biology, Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, University of Alberta): An infectious Disease Model With Bogdanov-Takens Bifurcation
Tuesday, February 5
Shaun H. Lui (Mathematics, University of Manitoba): Analysis Of Finite Difference Schemes For PDEs
Friday, February 1
Yemon Choi (Department of Mathematics, University of Manitoba): The Fourier Algebra Of A Free Group Is Not Approximately Amenable
Tuesday, January 29
Brian Corbett (Department of Mathematics, University of Manitoba): Numerical Methods For Moving Boundary Problems: Ice Accretion As A Case Study
Friday, January 18
Fereidoun Ghahramani (Department of Mathematics, University of Manitoba): Approximate Identities In Approximately Amenable Banach Algebras
Thursday, January 17
W. W. Comfort (Department of Mathematics, Wesleyan University): Compact Groups and Their Subgroups