Kang-Ling Liao

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Assistant Professor

Office 433 Machray Hall
(204) 474-6186

(Joint appointment with Biological Sciences)

My research interests are in mathematical modeling and analysis of medical and biological systems, dynamical systems, delay differential equations, differential equations, and bifurcation theory. I have been working on many interesting mathematical biological problems to understand biological mechanisms, such as somite formation, gene regulation, G protein signaling pathway in plant cells, cancer immunotherapy, and evolution in ecology.

I am looking for students interested in working on these biological topics via using mathematical modeling, analysis, and biological experiment. Collaborations with my wet lab in the Department of Biological Sciences and experimental collaborators are expected.

Personal page: https://kang-lingliao.wixsite.com/mysite-1

Research interests

Mathematical biology, mathematical modelling

Current graduate student

Current course

MATH 1500 A03

CRN: 50383
Lecture Location: 208 Armes
Dates: January 06 – April 07
Time: 08:30–09:45, Tu.Th.