Admission into the Graduate Programs

Application form (Deadlines)

pdf or on-line version.

Application material should be submitted to:

Faculty of Graduate Studies
500 University Centre
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg MB R3T 2N2

Application fee

The \$100 CAN application fee is required at the time of application. The successful applicant who enrolls in the graduate program in Mathematics will be given a \$100 honorarium to compensate the cost of the application.


All applicants must meet the minimum GPA requirement of 'B' or equivalent (GPA 3.0 out of a maximum 4.5) in their last 60 credit hours of study.

Official transcripts must be submitted from all post-secondary institutions attended. To be official, transcripts must be received in envelopes that have been sealed and endorsed by the issuing institution. In cases where the transcript does not clearly state that a degree has been conferred, an official degree certificate is required to accompany the transcript. Where academic records are produced in a language other than English, the applicant must arrange for the submission of official literal translations of all records.

Proof of Language Proficiency

Foreign applicants must meet the University's requirement for English language proficiency.

  • Test score documentation must be sent to the Faculty of Graduate Studies; scores more than 2 years old are not acceptable.
  • List of countries exempt from the language requirement.
  • List of acceptable tests in English language proficiency.

Other requirements

  • two letters of recommendation
  • a curriculum vitae or résumé,

Deadline Information

Applications are accepted at any time; however, it is necessary for your application to be received in the department well in advance of the Faculty of Graduate Studies deadline for the start date of a given session. The department deadlines for receipt of applications targeted to specific start dates are shown below:

Department Deadlines

Session Start Date Canada & US International
Regular/Fall September 1 May 1 February 1
Winter January 1 September 1 June 1
* Note: The Department of Mathematics does not admit students to the
Spring or Summer session.

After a completed application is received, it is circulated to our Graduate Studies Committee for approval. If your application is accepted, it will then be forwarded to the Faculty of Graduate Studies for final review. The Faculty of Graduate Studies deadlines for receipt of these departmentally approved applications (targeted to specific start dates) are shown below:

Faculty of Graduate Studies Deadlines

Session Start Date Canada & US International
Regular/Fall September 1 July 1 April 1
Winter January 1 November 1 August 1
Spring May 1 March 1 December 1
Summer July 1 May 1 February 1
Upcoming Seminars

Geometry and Topology seminar:
Tyrone Ghaswala: The Lorax for Mathematicians
Thursday, January 18 at 13:30, 312 Tier.

Graduate Student seminar:
Daniel Johnson: Mathematics and the Natural Sciences
Thursday, January 18 at 14:30, 208 Armes.

Graduate Student seminar:
Kyrylo Muliarchyk
Thursday, January 18 at 15:00, 208 Armes.

Graduate Student seminar:
Sahar Rahimzad Lamey
Thursday, January 25 at 14:30, 208 Armes.