46th Canadian Operator Symposium — Schedule

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  • All plenary lectures will take place in the Robert B. Schultz Theatre. This is an auditorium with two big screens located above a large whiteboard. For those of you using slides, the simplest option is to bring a flash drive and use the installed computer. For the contributed talks, we will also be using room 205 of St.John’s College. This is a small room with a blackboard and a screen, which unfortunately cannot be used simultaneously. There will be a laptop in the room for people who wish to bring their slides on a flash drive.


Ionut Chifan

Angel Baria Comicheo

Ievgen Bilokopytov

Luiz Cordeiro

Zach Cramer

Adam Dor On

Elizabeth Gillaspy

Pamela Gorkin

Bradd Hart

Michael Hartz

Elias Katsoulis

Rupert Levene

Boyu Li

Terry Loring

Laurent Marcoux

Rob Martin

Matthias Neufang

Christopher Ramsey

Ana Savu

Dominik Schillo

Orr Shalit: 1, 2, 3

Khodr Shamsheddine

Pei-Lun Tseng

Michael Whittaker

Matthew Wiersma