Employment opportunities

The Department of Mathematics at the University of Manitoba invites applications for 4-year PhD and 2-year MSc studentships. The department offers research opportunities in a wide spectrum of areas in mathematics. The successful studentship is funded at a minimum annual stipend of \$19,000 for MSc students and \$21,000 for PhD students beginning in Fall 2017. Strong candidates may qualify for additional financial support. See Dr. Murray Gordon Bell Graduate Student Award and Dr. Narain D. Gupta Scholarship. Average stipend amounts in 2014 were approximately \$18,000 for MSc students and \$23,000 for PhD students. Tuition for students with a GPA greater than 3.5/4.5 are approximately:

  • MSc: \$4,300 in year 1 and \$730 in subsequent years
  • PhD: \$4,300 in years 1-2 and \$730 in subsequent years

All amounts are in Canadian dollars in 2016. See here for a comparison of the total tuition fees for M.Sc. (2 years) and Ph.D. (4 years) degrees with other universities. For information on living in the City of Winnipeg, please visit here and here. There are no restrictions on nationality. Please see additional information about the graduate program and a link to funding information, including new top-ups for NSERC students. To apply, please see the information here. All figures in this paragraph are for reference only. The actual amounts may vary. The deadline for international applicants starting in September is February 1, while that for Canadian and US applicants is May 1.

Upcoming Seminars

Rings and Modules seminar:
R. W. Quackenbush: When is a \(\vee\)-semilattice a lattice?
Tuesday, November 21 at 14:40, 418 Machray Hall.

Functional Analysis seminar:
Edward Timko: A Classification of \(n\)-tuples of Commuting Isometries
Tuesday, November 21 at 15:00, 205 Armes.

Geometry and Topology seminar:
Marc Ethier
Friday, November 24 at 13:30, 316 Machray Hall.

Combinatorics seminar:
Anthony Bonato: Burning spiders and path forests
Friday, November 24 at 15:30, 418 Machray Hall.