MATH 3610

Introduction to Mathematical Modelling

An introduction to the principles and techniques involved in the design, development, solution, testing and revision of mathematical models of real world phenomena illustrated through the discussion of case studies. May not be held with the former MATH 3820 or the former MATH 3821. Prerequisite: MATH 2150 (C) or MATH 2151 (C) or MATH 2720 (B) or MATH 2721 (B) or MATH 2130 (B) or consent of Instructor.

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course_MATH_3610 cluster_equiv_1 MATH 3610 MATH 3610 MATH 2150 MATH 2150 C or better MATH 2150->MATH 3610 MATH 2130 MATH 2130 B or better MATH 2130->MATH 2150 or MATH 2720 MATH 2720 B or better MATH 2720->MATH 2130 or MATH 2151 MATH 2151 C or better MATH 2151->MATH 2720 or MATH 2721 MATH 2721 B or better MATH 2721->MATH 2151 or