MATH 3460

Partial Differential Equations

Method of characteristics for first order PDEs, wave, beam, heat and Laplace equations, derivation of PDEs, existence and uniqueness, energy estimates, well-posedness, maximum principles, separation of variables. Not to be held with the former MATH 3810. Prerequisites: [MATH 2150 (C) or MATH 2151 (C) (the former MATH 2750 (C)) or ((MATH 2720 (B) or MATH 2721 (B)) and (the former MATH 2730 (B) or the former MATH 2731 (B)))] and [MATH 3440 (C) or the former MATH 3800 (C)].

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course_MATH_3460 cluster_equiv_1 cluster_equiv_2 MATH 3460 MATH 3460 MATH 4440 MATH 4440 requires C or better MATH 3460->MATH 4440 MATH 4460 MATH 4460 requires C or better MATH 3460->MATH 4460 MATH 2150 MATH 2150 C or better MATH 2150->MATH 3460 MATH 3440 MATH 3440 C or better MATH 2151 MATH 2151 C or better MATH 2151->MATH 2150 or MATH 3440->MATH 3460