MATH 3440

Ordinary Differential Equations

Theory and applications of ordinary differential equations; existence and uniqueness of solutions, linear systems, simple nonlinear systems. This course is theory-based and is intended for students in mathematically rich disciplines. Not to be held with the former MATH 3800. Prerequisite: MATH 2180 (C) or [(MATH 1300 (B) or MATH 1301 (B)) and (the former MATH 2730 (B) or the former MATH 2731 (B) or the former MATH 2750 (C))].

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course_MATH_3440 cluster_equiv_1 MATH 3440 MATH 3440 MATH 3460 MATH 3460 requires C or better MATH 3440->MATH 3460 MATH 4320 MATH 4320 requires C or better MATH 3440->MATH 4320 MATH 2180 MATH 2180 C or better MATH 2180->MATH 3440