MATH 3360

Combinatorics 2

Advanced topics in combinatorics, including generating functions, elementary design theory, recurrences, chains and antichains, Polya counting. The course is challenging and is intended for students in mathematically rich disciplines. May not be held with the former MATH 4400. Prerequisite: MATH 2030 (C) or MATH 2031 (C) or the former MATH 3400 (C).

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course_MATH_3360 cluster_equiv_1 MATH 3360 MATH 3360 MATH 4300 MATH 4300 requires C or better MATH 3360->MATH 4300 MATH 2030 MATH 2030 C or better MATH 2030->MATH 3360 MATH 2031 MATH 2031 C or better MATH 2031->MATH 2030 or