MATH 2170

Number Theory 1

(Lab required) Prime numbers, unique factorization, linear congruences, Chinese remainder theorem, multiplicative functions, primitive roots and quadratic reciprocity. May not be held with the former MATH 2500 or the former MATH 2501. Prerequisite: (a C" or better in MATH 2090 or MATH 2091) or (a "C" or better in MATH 1240 or MATH 1241) or (a "C" or better in the former MATH 2350 or the former MATH 2352) or (a "B" or better in the former MATH 2300 or the former MATH 2301).

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course_MATH_2170 cluster_equiv_1 MATH 2170 MATH 2170 MATH 4450 MATH 4450 requires C or better MATH 2170->MATH 4450 MATH 2090 MATH 2090 MATH 2090->MATH 2170 MATH 2091 MATH 2091 MATH 2091->MATH 2090 or