MATH 2150

Multivariable Calculus

(Laboratory required) The course is intended for students in mathematically rich disciplines. Parametric curves, arc length and curvature. Functions of several variables. Level curves. Partial derivatives, gradient, divergence and curl. Max/min problems. Double and triple integrals, line and surface integrals of functions and vector fields, and applications. Green's, Stokes, and divergence theorems. Not to be held with MATH 2130, MATH 2720, MATH 2721, or the former MATH 2750. Prerequisite: MATH 2080 (C) or the former MATH 2202 (C).

Winter 2018 section

Lecture section

  • A01
    Instructor: Gholamhossein Moghaddam
    CRN: 53280
    Lecture Location: 319 Allen
    Dates: January 03 – April 06
    Time: 11:30–12:20, M.W.F.
    Tutorial Location: 319 Allen
    Dates: January 05 – April 06
    Instructor: Ievgen Bilokopytov
    Time: 16:00–16:50, Tu.
    Final Exam Date: Saturday, April 14
    Time: 6:00 p.m.
    Duration: 180 minutes