MATH 2030

Combinatorics 1

(Lab required) Introductory combinatorics, including basic counting, permutations and combinations, enumeration, inclusion-exclusion, pigeonhole principle, solving basic recursions, relations, and derangements. May not be held MATH 2031 or the former MATH 3400. Prerequisites: MATH 1240 (C) or MATH 1241 (C) or [the former MATH 2202 (C) and one of the former MATH 2350 or the former MATH 2352 (C)] or consent of instructor.

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course_MATH_2030 cluster_equiv_1 MATH 2030 MATH 2030 MATH 3360 MATH 3360 requires C or better MATH 2030->MATH 3360 MATH 1240 MATH 1240 C or better MATH 1240->MATH 2030 MATH 1241 MATH 1241 C or better MATH 1241->MATH 1240 or