MATH 1510

Applied Calculus 1

(Lab Required)(Formerly 136.151) Functions and graphs; limits and continuity; differentiation of functions defined explicitly, implicitly and parametrically; applications of derivatives to velocity and acceleration, related rates, maxima and minima; differentials, indefinite and definite integrals, application of integration to area. Physical ap-plications in this course make it especially suitable for students intending to take programs in engineering. Not to held with MATH 1500, MATH 1501 (or 136.150), MATH 1520 (or 136.152), MATH 1530 (or 136.153), MATH 1680 (or 136.168), MATH 1690 (or 136.169). Prerequisite: a minimum grade of 60 per cent in Pre-calculus Mathematics 40S or the former Mathematics 40S (300), or a grade of "C" or better in either MATH 1000 (or 136.100) or the Mathematical Skills course taught by the Continuing Education Division, and Physics 40S (300) or a "P" in PHYS 0900 (or 016.090).

Winter 2018 sections

Lab section

  • B15
    Instructor: Diana Klassen
    CRN: 50402
    Tutorial Location: 399 E2 EITC
    Dates: January 03 – April 06
    Time: 12:30–13:20, F.