MATH 1240

Elementary Discrete Mathematics

(Lab required) The course is intended for students in mathematically rich disciplines including those planning to enter an Honours or Major program in Mathematics or Statistics. An introduction to mathematical ideas, proof, techniques, and mathematical writing, explored through topics in discrete mathematics. May not be held with MATH 1241 or MATH 3120. Prerequisite: Pre-calculus Mathematics 40S (60%) or the former Mathematics 40S (300) (60%), or a "C" or better in MSKL 0100.

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course_MATH_1240 cluster_equiv_1 MATH 1240 MATH 1240 MATH 2030 MATH 2030 requires C or better MATH 1240->MATH 2030 MATH 2070 MATH 2070 requires C or better MATH 1240->MATH 2070 MATH 2080 MATH 2080 requires C or better MATH 1240->MATH 2080 Pre-Calculus Mathematics 40S Pre-Calculus Mathematics 40S 60% or better Pre-Calculus Mathematics 40S->MATH 1240 MSKL 0100 MSKL 0100 C or better MSKL 0100->Pre-Calculus Mathematics 40S or