MATH 1210

Techniques of Classical and Linear Algebra

(Lab Required) To introduce a variety of practical algebraic concepts and skills necessary for the study of calculus and advanced engineering mathematics. The emphasis of this course is in the development of methodology and algebraic skill necessary for successful completion of subsequent engineering mathematics courses. This course is intended for Engineering and Geophysics students only. May not be held with MATH 1200, MATH 1201, MATH 1211, MATH 1220, MATH 1300, MATH 1301, or MATH 1310. Prerequisites: a minimum grade of 60% in Pre-calculus Mathematics 40S or the former Mathematics 40S (300), or a grade of "C" or better in the MSKL 0100 offered by Extended Education.

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course_MATH_1210 cluster_equiv_1 MATH 1210 MATH 1210 MATH 2130 MATH 2130 requires C or better MATH 1210->MATH 2130 MATH 2132 MATH 2132 requires C or better MATH 1210->MATH 2132 MATH 2740 MATH 2740 requires B or better MATH 1210->MATH 2740 Pre-Calculus Mathematics 40S Pre-Calculus Mathematics 40S 60% or better Pre-Calculus Mathematics 40S->MATH 1210 MSKL 0100 MSKL 0100 C or better MSKL 0100->Pre-Calculus Mathematics 40S or

Summer 2019 sections

Lecture section

  • A01
    Instructor: Sergei Tsaturian
    CRN: 1253
    Lecture Location: 330 E2 EITC
    Dates: May 06 – June 25
    Time: 08:30–09:30, M.Tu.W.Th.F.
    Final Exam Location: 306 Tier
    Date: June 27
    Time: 09:00–11:00, Th.

Lab sections

  • B01
    Instructor: Xiaohong Zhang
    CRN: 1254
    Tutorial Location: 330 Allen
    Dates: May 06 – June 25
    Time: 09:40–10:30, Tu.Th.
  • B02
    Instructor: Avleen Kaur
    CRN: 1255
    Tutorial Location: 351 E2 EITC
    Dates: May 06 – June 25
    Time: 09:40–10:30, Tu.Th.