MATH 1090

Mathematical Reasoning in Euclidean Geometry

(Lab required) Introduction to Euclidean geometry with emphasis on mathematical reasoning. Perimeter, area, volume, triangle congruence, parallel lines and quadrilaterals, similarity, circles, coordinate geometry or transformation geometry. The course is recommended for students intending to become early or middle years school teachers. This course cannot be used as part of an Honours, Major, General or Minor program in the mathematical sciences. Prerequisite: MATH 1080.

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Winter 2020 sections

Lecture section

  • A01
    Instructor: Darja Barr
    CRN: 57369
    Lecture Location: 136 Art Lab
    Dates: January 06 – April 07
    Time: 13:30–14:20, M.W.F.

Lab sections

  • B01
    Instructor: Yg Liang
    CRN: 57373
    Tutorial Location: 205 St. John's
    Dates: January 06 – April 07
    Time: 15:30–16:20, M.
  • B02
    Instructor: Sehaj Pal Singh
    CRN: 57375
    Tutorial Location: 415 Machray Hall
    Dates: January 06 – April 07
    Time: 16:30–17:20, M.