We do active research in algebra, analysis, approximation theory, combinatorics, geometry & topology, mathematical biology and numerical and computational mathematics.

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News & Events


Applied & Computational Math Seminar: Lorenzo Livi: “Multistability In Input-Driven Recurrent Neural Networks”

13:30, Math Board Room Machray Hall

Rings and Modules Seminar: Bob Quackenbush: “The algebra of Steiner systems”

14:40, 415 Machray Hall


Colloquium Talk: Michael Doob: “Where Is Our Mathematical Publishing Headed, Or What's Wrong With LaTex, Anyway?”

14:30, 527 Buller


Combinatorics Seminar: Bob Quackenbush: “The model theory of planes I”

14:30, 418 Machray Hall


Colloquium Talk: Derek Krepski: “Prairie Math Colloquium”

15:00, 201 Armes