Jose Aguayo , 2017/08/03
Seminar series:  Colloquium
Presenter:Jose Aguayo
Institution:University of Concepcion
Date:Thursday, August 3rd, 2017
Location:418 Machray Hall

Jose Aguayo , 2017/08/03

This talk will focus on commutative Banach sub-algebras of the algebra of bounded linear operators defined on a Free Banach space of countable type. The main goal of the talk will be to formulate a representation theorem for these operators through integrals defined by some type of spectral measures. In order to achieve this objective, we will show that, under special conditions, each one of these algebras is isometrically isomorphic to some space of continuous functions defined over a compact set. Then, we will identify such compact spaces developing the Gelfand space theory in the non-Archimedean setting. This will allow us to define a measure which is known as spectral measure. As a second goal, we will formulate a matrix representation theorem for this class of operators whose entries will be integrals coming from scalar measures.

This is a joint colloquium with the Winnipeg Institute of Theoretical Physics.

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