Colloquium seminar series
Current contact for this seminar series: Raphael Clouatre (204-474-8734).


Date Name Title
2017-09-01 Gerard Freixas I Montplet TBA
2017-08-03 Qing-Wen Wang TBA
2017-08-03 Jose Aguayo Representation Theorems for Operators on Free Banach Spaces of Countable Type
2017-05-26 Andrew Uzzell Graph limits, entropy, and counting
2017-05-12 John Dallon Modeling Amoeboidal Cell Motion -- Force vs Speed
2017-05-04 Tommy Kucera Fibonacci and The Liber Abaci
2017-03-31 Francois Charette Lagrangian Floer homology, Fukaya's symplectic s-cobordism conjecture, and all that...
2017-03-10 Douglas Farenick Boundaries Of Some Low-Dimensional Operator Systems
2017-03-03 Cameron Franc Geometry and Modular Forms
2017-01-13 Jonathan Ziprick Quantum gravitational collapse of a thin shell


Date Name Title
2016-11-04 Martin Buhmann Interpolation and Quasi-Interpolation with Multiquadrics Radial Functions
2016-10-27 Jose Ramon Madrid Padilla On the regularity of classical and fractional maximal operators
2016-10-24 Tom Baird Topological aspects of GIT over the real and complex numbers
2016-10-21 Asha Rao Tracking Money Laundering -- the Enron case
2016-10-07 Jared Aurentz Core-chasing algorithms for the eigenvalue problem
2016-08-04 Alexey Eremin Functional Continuous Runge-Kutta methods for Retarded Functional Differential Equations
2016-07-08 Ashish Gupta Growth of Algebraic Structures
2016-04-01 Jiun-Chau Wang Noncommutative probability and Boole's transformation
2016-03-11 Sarah Plosker Some matrix theory questions arising from quantum coherence
2016-03-04 Craig Westerland Arithmetic statistics via algebraic topology
2016-03-02 Richard Brualdi Permutations, Tournaments, X-rays, and Skolem Sequences


Date Name Title
2015-11-27 Juliana Theodoro De Lima On braids and string links groups
2015-11-20 Laurent Marcoux Abelian, amenable operator algebras are similar to C*-algebras.
2015-11-12 Dr. Michael Lamoureux The PIMS Innovation Strategy
2015-10-16 K.c. Sivakumar Inverse Positive Interval Matrices
2015-10-09 Wujie Shi More on the Characterization of Finite Simple Groups
2015-09-18 Ranganathan Padmanabhan Geometric Realization of Abstract Configurations
2015-08-14 Andriy Bondarenko Strongly regular graphs and Borsuk's conjecture
2015-05-29 Darja Kalajdzievska & Lindsay Wessel Rethinking Course Structure; Increased Participation and Persistence in MATH 1010
2015-05-15 Chi-Kwong Li Decomposition of Unitary Gates
2015-05-08 Rob Beezer Open Source Mathematics with MathBook XML
2015-03-06 Lijun Yi Recent progress on hp-version continuous Galerkin and spectral collocation time-stepping methods
2015-01-30 Jordan Watts So what is an orbifold, anyway?


Date Name Title
2014-12-12 Robert Borgersen Progress Towards a Mathematics Placement Test at the University of Manitoba - Part 2
2014-12-05 Colin Desmarais Finite Geometries and lower bounds for $ex(n;K^{(3)}(2,2,t))$
2014-11-28 Darja Kalajdzievska Learning about how students learn
2014-11-07 Robert Borgersen Progress Towards a Mathematics Placement Test at the University of Manitoba
2014-10-31 Eric Harper Virtual knots and their Alexander invariants
2014-10-17 T. G. Kucera Kepler's Conjecture and the Flyspeck Project
2014-10-03 Bela Bollobas Phase transitions and local limit theorems
2014-09-19 Norbert Heuer Discontinuous approximations of hypersingular integral equations
2014-06-06 Lajos Molnar An operation on the positive definite cone of a $C^*$-algebra and its algebraic properties
2014-05-16 Colin Ingalls Rationality of the Brauer-Severi Varieties of Sklyanin algebras
2014-05-02 Ievgen Bilokopytov The dilation in different settings
2014-04-25 Kaitlin Alexander A Simplified Model of Ocean Circulation
2014-03-21 Khodr Shamseddine Characterization of compact and self-adjoint operators, and study of positive operators on a Banach space over a non-Archimedean field
2014-03-14 Michael Doob Some tamales in your tikz
2014-03-07 Adam Clay Knot groups and orderability
2014-02-28 Derek Krepski Global quotients among symplectic toric orbifolds
2014-02-14 Shaun Lui Nonlinear PDEs Explained
2014-01-31 Michael Doob Adding some pizzazz to beamer
2014-01-24 Varvara Shepelska Weak amenability of certain Beurling algebras
2014-01-17 Andrii Arman Combinatorial Nullstellensatz
2014-01-10 Karen Gunderson Random Markov processes


Date Name Title
2013-11-29 Stephen Kirkland The Kemeny constant for Markov chains
2013-11-22 Darja Kalajdzievska Debunking Math Myths
2013-11-15 Matthias Neufang Topological Centres Everywhere
2013-11-08 Xiangui Zhao Gelfand-Kirillov dimension of differential difference modules
2013-11-01 David Gunderson Extremal graphs forbidding odd cycles
2013-10-25 Ranganathan Padmanabhan Equational Logic of Groups and Rings.
2013-09-27 Ryan Schultz A Guide to the Libraries for Graduate Mathematics Students
2013-09-06 Eli Levin The Generalized Christoffel Functions and Extremal Problems
2013-04-26 Andriy Bondarenko & Danylo Radchenko Spherical designs: proof of the Korevaar-Meyers conjecture and beyond
2013-04-22 Nilima Nigam The Mathematics of Light and Sound
2013-04-19 Filofteia Gheorghe Cancelled
2013-04-12 Darja Kalajdzievska Taking Math Students from 'Blah' to 'Aha!'; What Can We Do?
2013-04-05 Oleksiy Klurman Rigidity and Randomness in numbers
2013-03-22 Safoura Zaffar Jafar Zadeh Fixed points and derivation problem of B. E. Johnson
2013-03-15 Prof. Alexander Ol'shanskii Planar pictures, asymptotic invariants, and computational complexity of groups
2013-03-11 Junfeng Jiang Birational Transformation of Gromov-Witten and Donaldson-Thomas invariants
2013-03-08 Daniela Nikolova-Popova Cancelled
2013-03-08 Louise-Charlotte Kappe Cancelled
2013-03-07 Stefan Tohaneanu Linear Codes from Commutative Algebraic perspectives
2013-03-04 Jonathan Brown Infinite dimensional Lie algebra representation theory and finite W-algebras
2013-03-01 Iman Soliman Mathematical analysis of the role of movement in the spread of tuberculosis
2013-02-28 Adam Clay Ordered groups and 3-manifolds
2013-02-25 Derek Krepski Geometric Quantization and Verlinde Formulas
2013-02-14 Michael Brandenbursky Metrics on diffeomorphism groups and symplectic factorization theorems
2013-02-11 Sean Fitzpatrick Index theory, Dirac operators, and Quantization
2013-02-08 Prof. R. Padmanabhan Congruent Number Problem
2013-02-01 Yong Zhang Finite dimensional invariant subspace property of linear mappings
2013-01-25 Tommy Kucera Applications of Differentiation in the Marquis de l' Hospital's 'Analyse'
2013-01-18 Ross Stokke Homomorphisms of group algebras
2013-01-11 Michael Doob Two new tools to make your math web pages better


Date Name Title
2012-12-07 David Gunderson Applications of the probabilistic method
2012-11-30 Sasho Kalajdzievski Mathematicians, Mystics, Miracles
2012-11-23 Anthony To-Ming Lau Fixed Point set of measures and positive definite functions on a locally compact group
2012-11-16 Jaydeep Chipalkatti Cancelled
2012-11-02 Anna Stokke Young tableaux and the cyclic sieving phenomenon
2012-10-26 Julien Arino Some mathematical problems arising in models for the spatio-temporal spread of infectious pathogens
2012-10-19 Eric Schippers A correspondence between Teichmuller theory and conformal field theory
2012-10-12 Nick Harland The Iterated Carmichael Lambda Function
2012-09-28 John Van Rees Friendship Graphs and Friendship Hypergraphs
2012-09-21 Hanno Lefmann Edge Colorings of Graphs Avoiding a Fixed Monochromatic Subgraph
2012-07-05 Toban Wiebe Game Theory and Evolution
2012-07-05 Jason Klusowski Flows, Branching Numbers and Percolation on Trees
2012-04-25 Karen Rosemarie Johannson Bootstrap percolation
2012-04-05 Dr. R. Padmanabhan One Equation, Many Avatars
2012-03-29 Rob Craigen Manitoba Math War
2012-03-22 Stephanie Portet Modelling intermediate filaments: what problems, what tools?
2012-03-15 Tommy Kucera The First Calculus Textbook: The Marquis de l'Hospital and the
2012-03-08 Yang Zhang An Introduction to Computer Algebra Methods
2012-03-01 Pappur Shivakumar  Mathematical Modelling of Some Human Diseases


Date Name Title
2011-11-17 Julien Arino Modelling the spatio-temporal spread of infectious diseases
2011-10-18 Robert Thomas A tour through the mathematics of weaving
2011-06-29 Eric Bosco Introduction to Mitacs Programmes
2011-03-17 Tatyana Foth Riemann surfaces and automorphic forms


Date Name Title
2010-11-18 J. Chipalkatti Two Impossibility Theorems from Social Choice Theory


Date Name Title
2009-11-26 Michael Doob Using a wiki as a Classroom Presentation Tool
2009-04-09 Nikolay Romanovskiy Algebraic Geometry over Solvable Groups
2009-03-26 Jean Lubuma Non-standard Numerical Schemes for Dynamical Systems
2009-02-27 Vladimir Shpilrain Group-based cryptography


Date Name Title
2008-02-28 Barbara Lee Keyfitz Hyperbolic Conservation Laws: The Next Generation
2008-01-17 W. W. Comfort Compact Groups and Their Subgroups


Date Name Title
2007-12-06 Rob Craigen Alien Arithmetic? (An adventure into p-Adic Numbers)


Date Name Title
2006-12-07 John Spiro Polymer Diffusion in Latex Films
2006-11-23 Dongwoo Shen Nonconforming finite element methods
2006-11-09 Gavin Seals Galois connections and monads
2006-09-28 Zeev Ditzian Ul'Yanov and Nikol'Skii-type Inequalities


Date Name Title
2002-06-11 Serpil Kocabiyik Numerical simulation of the flow induced by a transversely oscillating inclined elliptical cylinder
2002-04-11 Sasho Kalajdzievski Math on the Web
2002-01-10 Robert Craigen Infigers


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Thursday, August 3rd, 2017 at 14:15, TBA
Qing-Wen Wang
(Seminar series : Colloquium)

Thursday, August 3rd, 2017 at 15:30, 418 Machray Hall
Jose Aguayo
Representation Theorems for Operators on Free Banach Spaces of Countable Type
(Seminar series : Colloquium)

Friday, September 1st, 2017 at 15:30, 418 Machray Hall
Gerard Freixas I Montplet
(Seminar series : Colloquium)