Approximation Theory, Applications and Related Topics seminar series
Current contact for this seminar series: A. Prymak.


Date Name Title
2016-10-27 Martin Buhmann Radial Basis Functions: Interpolation, Quasi-Interpolation, Convergence and Interpolation with Parameters
2016-10-25 Jose Ramon Madrid Padilla Endpoint Sobolev and BV Continuity for Maximal Operators
2016-10-11 Mikael Slevinsky Computing Stieltjes and Log Transforms Of Functions With Algebraic Endpoint Singularities
2016-09-27 Andriy Prymak On behaviour of Christoffel function for domains in ${\mathbb R}^d$


Date Name Title
2009-10-21 Varvara Shepelska Daugavet property - PART II
2009-10-14 Varvara Shepelska Daugavet property


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Friday, September 1st, 2017 at 15:30, 418 Machray Hall
Gerard Freixas I Montplet
(Seminar series : Colloquium)