Mathematical biology

J. Arino focuses mainly on mathematical epidemiology, while S. Portet's work deals with cellular structure.

These people are involved in this research area:

Upcoming Seminars

Colloquium talk: Robert Smith?: Unexpected Infection Spikes in a Model of Respiratory Syncytial Virus Vaccination — Monday, October 23 at 14:30, 415 Machray Hall.

Rings and Modules seminar: T. Kucera: The elementary socle series: problems and questions — Tuesday, October 24 at 14:40, 418 Machray Hall.

Graduate Student seminar: Irshad Ayoob — Thursday, October 26 at 14:30, 205 Armes.

Graduate Student seminar: Syeda Atika Batool Naqvi — Thursday, October 26 at 15:00, 205 Armes.

Combinatorics seminar: Ranganathan Padmanabhan: Elliptic Curves in Combinatorics — Friday, October 27 at 15:30, 418 Machray Hall.