Former graduate students
Name Degree Thesis title Date defence Supervisor
Serhii Dovhyi M.Sc. Non-Left-Orderable Surgeries of Twisted Torus Knots 06/2017 A. Clay
Avleen Kaur M.Sc. The Eigenvalue Problem of the Uzawa Pressure Operator 06/2017 C. Cowan & S.H. Lui
Ph.D. Derivations, Multipliers, and Topological Centres of Certain Banach Algebras Related to Locally Compact Groups 05/2017 F. Ghahramani
Qiwei Feng M.Sc. Generalized Inverses of Matrices Over Skew Polynomial Rings 03/2017 Yang Zhang
William Grafton M.Sc. On the Convergence and Analytical Properties of Power Series on Non-Archimedean Field Extensions of the Real Numbers 07/2016 K. Shamseddine
Lindsay Wessel M.Sc. Impact of Vaccination and Mobility on Disease Dynamics: A Two Patch Model For Measles 07/2016 J. Arino
Mahnaz Alavinejad M.Sc. Transmission Dynamics of an Infectious Disease with Treatment 07/2016 J. Arino
Jason Rose M.Sc. The Effect of Movement on the Early Phase of an Epidemic 07/2016 J. Arino
Yang Zhang M.Sc. Mathematical Modelling mTOR-NMT Signalling Pathway 06/2016 S. Portet
Vladimir Nosov M.Sc. Analysis of Monotone Numerical Schemes 06/2016 S. Kirkland & S.H. Lui
Mykhailo Akhtariiev M.Sc. Teichmuller Space and Its Representation With The Period Mapping 05/2016 E. Schippers & J. Chipalkatti
Safoura Zaffar Jafar Zadeh Ph.D. Isomorphisms of Banach algebras associated with locally compact groups 09/2015 F. Ghahramani & R. Stokke
Marina Kotovshchikova Ph.D. A Third-order FVTD scheme for three-dimensional Maxwell's equations. 09/2015 S.H. Lui
Lindsay Simpson M.Sc. Dynamics of an HIV/AIDS Model that Incorporates Pre-exposure Prophylaxis 06/2015 A. Gumel
Stefan Juncu M.Sc. Functional Calculus with Aplications to Tadmor-Ritt Operators 04/2015 S.H. Lui
Weixi Gu M.Sc. Generalized Inverses of Matrices of Skew Polynomials 03/2015 Yang Zhang & G. Krause
Ali Javame M.Sc. Mathematical Assessment of the Role of Pap Screening on HPV Transmission Dynamics 12/2014 A. Gumel
Xian Gui Zhao Ph.D. Groebner-Shirshov bases in some noncommutative algebras 09/2014 Yang Zhang
Varvara Shepelska Ph.D. weak amenability of weighed group algebras and of their topological centres 09/2014 Yong Zhang
Fereshteh Nazari M.Sc. Backward Bifurcation in HCV Transmission Dynamics 06/2014 A. Gumel
Oleksandr Maizlish Ph.D. Adaptive Triangulations 03/2014 K. Kopotun
Reza Ghamarshoushtari M.Sc. Amenability Properties of Banach Algebra-Valued Continuous Functions 02/2014 Yong Zhang
Xiaofeng Yang Ph.D. Posteriori Error Analysis for the p-version of the Finite Element Method 12/2013 B. Guo
Andrij Arman M.Sc. Generalizations of Ahlfors lemma and boundary behavior of analytic functions 08/2013 Nina Zorboska
Liliana Menjivar Lopez M.Sc. A metapopulation model for mass gatherings application: global travel, Hajj and the spread of measle 08/2013 J. Arino
Rahim Taghikhani M.Sc. On mutually unbiased bases 07/2013 R. Craigen
Farinaz Forouzannia M.Sc. Dynamics of multi-strain age-structured model for malaria transmission 06/2013 A. Gumel
Iman Soliman Ph.D. Mathematical analysis of the role of movement in the spread of tuberculosis 06/2013 J. Arino & N. Zorboska
Ievgen Bilokopytov M.Sc. Different aspects of embeddings of normed spaces of analytic functions 06/2013 Nina Zorboska
Aliya Alsaleh M.Sc. Mathematical analysis of vaccination models for the transmission dynamics of oncogenic and warts-causing HPV types 04/2013 A. Gumel
Hawa Hamouda M.Sc. Modules maps and invariant subsets of Banach modules of locally compact groups 02/2013 R. Stokke
Liji Huang M.Sc. Quaternion equations and quaternion polynomial matrices 12/2012 Yang Zhang
Brian Ketelboeter M.Sc. The Probabilistic Method and Random Graphs 09/2012 D. Gunderson
Ivan Livinsky M.Sc. Asymptotic existence of Hadamard matrices 05/2012 R. Craigen
Kateryna Melnykova M.Sc. Notes on Foregger's conjecture 05/2012 K. Kopotun
Ivan Iurchenko M.Sc. Properties of extremal convex bodies 04/2012 A. Prymak
Danylo Radchenko M.Sc. Orientation-preserving approximation 04/2012 A. Prymak
Morgan Craig M.Sc. Incorporating stochastic influences in assembly models: application to intermediate filament polymerisation 07/2011 S. Portet
Hye-Seon Kim M.Sc. Unique determination of quadratic differentials by their admissible functions 07/2011 E. Schippers
Charlotte Giraud-Carrier Master 2 06/2011 J. Arino
Eric Ens M.Sc. Group Embeddings of (n, k) Configurations 04/2011 R. Padmanabhan
Oleksiy Klurman M.Sc. On constrained Markov-Nikolskii and Bernstein type inequalities 04/2011 K. Kopotun
Adam Gareau M.Sc. 12/2010 M.S. Roddy
Miad Makareh Shireh M.Sc. Topics in the Notion of Amenability and its Generalizations for Banach Algebras 08/2010 F. Ghahramani
Bryan Penfound M.Sc. A study of the geometric and algebraic sewing operations 08/2010 E. Schippers
Oluwaseun Sharomi Ph.D. Mathematical Analysis of Dynamics of Chlamydia Trachomatis 07/2010 A.B. Gumel
Chandra Podder Ph.D. Mathematics of HSV-2 Dynamics 06/2010 A.B. Gumel
Mohammad Safi Ph.D. Mathematical Analysis of the Role of Quarantine and Isolation in Epidemiology 05/2010 A.B. Gumel & S.H. Lui
Dessalegn Melesse M.Sc. Mathematical Analysis of a SEIRS Model with Multiple Latent and Infectious Stages in Periodic and Non-periodic Environments 04/2010 A.B. Gumel
Goldwyn Millar M.Sc. Circulant Weighing Matrices 12/2009 R. Craigen
Clint Enns M.Sc. Pure embeddings and pure-injectivity for topological modules 12/2009 T. Kucera
Ashrafi Niger M.Sc. Mathematical Analysis of Malaria Transmission Dynamics 05/2009 A. Gumel
Tagreed Mohammed M.Sc. Equivariant Projection Morphisms of Specht Modules 05/2009 J. Chipalkatti
Jianming Zhang Ph.D. The H-P Version of the Finite Element Method in Three Dimensions 10/2008 B. Guo
Filofteia Gheorghe M.Sc. Amenability, Weak Amenability and Approximate Amenability of l'(s) 10/2008 S. Kirkland
Simon Karuku M.Sc. Contribution of Dynamic Instability to Microtubule Organization 10/2008 S. Portet
Oleksandr Maizlish M.Sc. One-sided Weighted Approximation 10/2008 K. Kopotun
Laurentiu Troanca M.Sc. Permanents of Doubly Stochastic Matrices 05/2008 K. Kopotun
Rob Borgersen M.Sc. Topics in finite graph Ramsay theory 02/2008 D. S. Gunderson
Julius Ehiemua M.Sc. Mathematical Modelling and the Dynamical Analysis of HIV/TB Interaction 02/2008 A.B. Gumel
Tim Nikkel M.Sc. Ramanujan Graphs 10/2007 M. Doob
Alina Duca Ph.D. Injective Modules over a Principal Lift and Right Ideal Domain, with Applications 05/2007 T. G. Kucera
Karen Johannson M.Sc. Variations on a Theorem by van der Waerden 05/2007 D. S. Gunderson
Marina Kotovshchikova M.Sc. Numerical simulation of 2D flow past a dimpled cylindrical body using pseudospectral method 02/2007 S. H. Lui
Mohammad Reza Koushesh Khajouei Ph.D. On One-point Extensions 02/2007 R. G. Woods
Oluwaseun Sharomi M.Sc. Mathematical Analysis of Models of HIV Epidemiology 02/2007 A. B. Gumel
Senlin Guo Ph.D. On Function Classes Related to the Class of Completely Monotonic Functions 10/2006 K. Kopotun
Philip C. Mendelsohn M.Sc. Theory and Numerical Implementation of Greedy Algoritms in Highly Nonlinear Approximation 10/2006 K. Kopotun
Yan Wu M.Sc. On Some Numerical Techniques for the Laplacian in Some Simply and Doubly Connected Regions 02/2006 Shivakumar
Hua Shen M.Sc. A-posteriori Error Analysis for the hp-version of the Finite Element Method 02/2006 B. Guo
Ebrahim Samei Ph.D. Approximately Local Derivations from Various Classes of Banach Algebras 10/2005 F. Ghahramani
Michelle Davidson Ph. D. Projective Geometry and Related Matrices 10/2005 Craigen
Xuan Li M.Sc. Approximate Identities for Banach Algebras 10/2005 Yong Zhang
Brian Corbett M.Sc. The Effect of Incidence Rates on the Dynamics of a Model for HIV Epidemiology 02/2005 Berry
Tim Rogalsky Ph. D. Acceleration of Differential Evolution for Aerodynamic Design 05/2004 Derksen
Kevin Doerksen M.Sc. Maximal Chain and Cells of Finite Planar Lattices 05/2004 Gratzer
Zhen Chen M.Sc. Numerical and Dynamical Studies of Some Reaction-diffusion Models 05/2002 Gumel
Stephanie Olafson M.Sc. An Initial Moving-boundary Value Problem Associated with Spinning Wave Equation 05/2001 Berry
Michael Newman M.Sc. The Laplacian Spectrum of Graphs 02/2001 Doob
Maikel Sianturi M.Sc. Operations Research Applied to Forestry Management 10/2000 Aitchison
M. Potter M.Sc. Berezin Symbols and Operator Theory 10/2000 N. Zorboska
Mo Liang Ph.D. A New Class of Designs and Singly or Doubly Equivalent Designs 10/2000 N. S. Mendelsohn
G. Iraghi Moghaddam Ph.D. Minimal Presentations of Free Metabelian Nilpotent Groups 02/2000 N. Gupta
Tracy Ewen M.Sc. Mixed Product Krylov Subspace Methods for Solving Nonsymmetric Linear Systems 02/2000 Ye
Lorrita Mcknight M.Sc. Two Dimensional Shape Blending 10/1999 Hoskins
Alan Hildebrandt M.Sc. Normal Uniform Deformations of Monotropic Hyperelastic Rods 10/1999 Cohen
Yong Zhang Ph.D. Amenability and Weak Amenability of Banach Algebras 05/1999 F. Ghahramani
Wan Lin Ph.D. Automorphism Groups of Free Metabelian Nilpotent Groups 05/1999 C. Gupta
Peter Arpin M.Sc. Minimal Congruence Representations of Finite Distributive Lattices 05/1999 Lakser
Tim Rogalsky M.Sc. Aerodynamic Shape Optimization of Fan Blades 02/1999 Kocabiyik
Xuebin Zhang Ph.D. Nilpotent Algebras with Maximal Class in Congruence Modular Varieties 10/1998 Quackenbush
Xiaomin Bao Ph.D. t-blocking sets and semiovals in the Witt design 10/1998 Batten
Chuangxiang Ji Ph.D. Some Finite and Infinite Matrices, Their Computations and Applications 05/1998 Shivakumar
Anna Robertson M.Sc. N/A 02/1998 N/A
Chong-Hyun (paul) Kim Ph.D. Second Layer Conditions in Noetherian Rings 02/1998 Krause


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Thursday, August 3rd, 2017 at 14:15, TBA
Qing-Wen Wang
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Thursday, August 3rd, 2017 at 15:30, 418 Machray Hall
Jose Aguayo
Representation Theorems for Operators on Free Banach Spaces of Countable Type
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Friday, September 1st, 2017 at 15:30, 418 Machray Hall
Gerard Freixas I Montplet
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